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Base Online - About Us

BaseOnline was founded by Andrew Cole and Brendan Proctor. Between us we have more than 30 years IT experience in both the corporate as well as the small business environments. In addition we have more than 30 years combined experience in the education sector and other people-focussed professional activities.

We are committed to providing affordable and appropriate IT solutions that support business. We believe that customised IT systems are not just the prerogative of large companies. Smaller companies can also derive great value from managing their data well and incorporating information and computer technologies into their business practices. And this need not cost a fortune.

We understand the pressures and risks involved in running a small or medium-sized business. And we know that very often there is not the time or the knowledge in the company to really take advantage of the opportunities that IT-based solutions could offer. We also know that the IT industry is often a smoke-and-mirrors show, where expectations are seldom met and promises exceed delivery.

Our business advantage is that we are not rocket scientists or IT whiz-kids - we can't optimise the orbit of the space shuttle and may never crack a secret algorithm that revolutionises the IT world. But we do design and create real workable IT systems that support business needs and we are committed to providing value-for-money IT services for anyone who needs them.